Day 27


Our lives are defined by time. But beyond the days, months and years, we measure the moments. There are moments in time that seem to last years. Time freezes. There is no noise. Everything fades into the background. It’s just that moment. And there are years in that moment. When I laid eyes on my bride as she entered the church, standing there dressed in white ready to walk towards me, everything disappeared. It was just her, no music, no people. Just her. When I watched my firstborn enter the world, my world changed in an instant and despite the fact there were others in the room, it was just the three of us starting a new adventure. When my second son chose to enter the world so quickly that my hands were the first to ever hold him, there was an incredible moment of awe, peace and stillness in spite of the adrenaline rush that was raging in both of us. In those moments, the worries, stresses and cares of the day disappear. Every single feeling is magnified a hundredfold. Those moments are the ones that define us and change us for the better.

Chris and Laura




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