day 26


I have always enjoyed history, especially  World War II. I’ve read a lot of different books, visited museums, and watched documentaries. Sometimes I forget in the midst of studying history that there’s a rich treasure trove of history right in front of me in my own family. Today I had the privilege of talking with my parents about heirlooms. I asked them to think about items in their house that had deep meaning for them. For my mom it was a nut chopper given to her by her mother. Growing up I had seen her use this all the time and used it myself, never knowing that there was something more to this tool than its utilitarian purpose. There’s memories of her mother, her childhood and using it reminds her of those things. So though modern appliance exist that would make chopping much faster and easier, she keeps this because it is a reminder of her mother’s love.


My dad immediately pulled his grandfather’s Bible. His grandfather had given it to his father who had given it to him. There’s not only the rich text of the Bible, filled with illustrations and study notes published in 1910, but also newspaper clippings his father inserted with recommended Scriptures to read during different times of the year, calendars and other mementos. Then an old cigar box of his father’s and a toy gun from when he was a little boy. I’ve seen these items before, but stopping to think about my dad as a little boy playing cops and robbers while his dad watched on brought a whole new perspective. It makes me wonder what mementos my boys would select one day that remind them of me.

Chris and Laura



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