day 25


Indiana is not geographically unique or noteworthy. Sure there are some beautiful foothills, but nothing compared to the majesty of the Rocky Mountains or the sprawling hills of the Smokies. But what Indiana lacks in geography it more than makes up for with its quirky weather. Yesterday I was wearing shorts and playing baseball in the backyard. It was 72 degrees in February. I then fell asleep to strong thunderstorms, making me forget it was February and think it was April or May. Then I woke up this morning and it was snowing. This may sound impossible and beyond strange, but this is Indiana.

We are all affected by the weather. We all talk about the weather, complaining about the cold then how hot it is and scouring our phone apps for information on the latest several storm forecast. It’s unpredictable and out of our control and throughout all of history we have sought to predict what is coming our way.

On Friday I chased the storm clouds brewing in the horizon. The sky transformed before me into an ocean. Then today I went down to my church to take action shots of a dodgeball tournament and watched the snow blowing through the old gymnasium windows. Those windows have always drawn me in, but I realized that to really experience what was going on I had to step outside.

Chris and Laura




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