day 23


I learned early on in parenting that routines are monumentally important for kids. Everything moves like clock work when the routine is followed. But mess too much with the routine and everything can fall to pieces, especially the poor kid. So I have learned to love routines even more now than before. I especially love creating little routines for the boys to look forward to each week. For some people, it may seem rigid and boring, but it works for us and we love it. So every Tuesday we celebrate Taco Tuesday and every Friday we eat pizza and watch a family movie. It’s a special time for our family and “the best day ever” according to Liam.


In keeping with routines, we all go grocery shopping on Thursday evenings. The boys love looking at everything and hoarding any produce we put in the cart. I try to point out different features of the fruit and vegetables to him, especially color and texture. There are some amazing patterns in something as simple as an onion when you take the time to look at it. Listening to his childlike wonder at these simple things does my heart a whole lot of good. It reminds me that I am never too grown up to stop and wonder at the world around me. Even tonight, I’d already taken my photos for the day but Liam shouted for me to look at the clouds. And I’m so thankful he did because it was absolutely stunning.

Chris and Laura




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