day 21


It’s amazing how much light can do and how much we take it for granted. We expect the sun to rise every day and use the light off cell phones to find our way when it’s dark. We flip a switch and the light comes on (and how many times have I flipped a switch when the power is out expecting the light to brighten my way!). Light creates an interesting dynamic in pictures as well. Too much light and it’s overexposed. Too little and it’s underexposed. But playing with light leads to the most unique and beautiful variations on even something as simple as a portrait.

Simply by changing the light there is a completely new perspective to be seen. Instead of seeing the facial features, the deep blue eyes and smile, I see beautiful lines. It’s a face as familiar to me as my own, but from this perspective I find things I had never stopped to notice before. It’s adds new beauty.

Chris and Laura


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