day 19


Money is a very abstract concept. I spend every day thinking about money. It is the focus of my business. It never ceases to amaze me that something as simple as a piece of paper or metal can hold such value and significance. We can’t live the lives we’re accustomed to in the United States unless everyone agrees that this paper and metal holds value and is worth something. Teaching my sons about money proves this point even further as they would rather have two shiny pennies than a $5 bill because the pennies are prettier.

Money in itself is neither good nor bad. But it is an incredibly powerful tool. It can do so much destruction and evil, but it can also be used to do some amazingly beautiful and good things for everyone. There are so many different emotions that money can bring- guilt, pleasure, anger, happiness, despair, joy. But what I’ve found is in order for money to be in a healthy place in our lives emotions and money should never mix.

Chris and Laura



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