day 18


This project has been a lot of fun for us as a family. The boys are loving the trips to new places and going on “venture walks.”  Everywhere I go now, whether it’s driving to the office or to the store, I am looking for things that catch my eye that would be fun to photograph. I’m looking with fresh eyes at routes I’ve driven every day for years, searching for objects hidden to those who drive by quickly. My family is in on it too and Liam will shout from the backseat for me to take pictures of something he sees along the way.

I drove to Ouabache State Park today and used my phone’s GPS to get us there. There were a few things I noticed along the way to take pictures of and decided to stop on the way home to take some pictures. We all had a blast at the park with the bison and then headed back, again plugging in the GPS so I could revisit those earlier locations. Usually the route is the same as before, just in reverse. But I quickly realized it was all new things and there were some amazing barns I had to stop to capture. Just by complete happenstance and at the total mercy of my phone, I found some of the coolest places we saw all day.

Chris and Laura





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