day 17


Changing my perspective can be as easy as getting really close to something. I’ve been watching Liam play with his point and shoot camera, taking photos of the most mundane items around the house (outlets, chair legs and everything in between). Looking at the end result has been really fun. It’s so different seeing the world from 3 feet tall. A small chair to me seems like furniture from a giant’s house just because his perspective is different from mine.

Changing my perspective on this little cactus in our house made a huge difference. Just looking at it as I normally do, it’s just a little green plant with some prickles. But then getting up close, there is this beautiful pattern and design. There’s flecks of white dotted on the green and the prickles look like flower blossoms.  That’s why I love about plants and all of nature- there’s an even more intricate design than you can see just at a  quick glance. I would have missed it if I hadn’t changed my perspective.

Chris and Laura




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