day 16


As a society, we spend a ton of time on food. We talk about our favorite dishes and restaurants, go on diets where we only eat certain foods, post pictures of our food to social media, spend hours shopping for food and prepping meals. It’s fascinating that something so basic to our existence can dominate our conversations, thoughts and time.

The best part of food preparation is seeing the transformation. I was able to eat lunch at home today and watch as dinner went in the oven. It wasn’t anything super fancy- just a simple pot roast with a few basic ingredients and herbs. On its own, the cut of meat is tough and fatty. But leave it to cook for six hours with the right ingredients, it is transformed into meat so tender you can cut it with a fork. Use any other method of cooking the meat and it would be chewy and unpleasant. Time and patience transforms the meat. And the end result and reward are absolutely worth it.

Chris and Laura


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