day 15


Growing up John Deere green was my favorite color and I had a ton of toy tractors. They hold a fond place in my heart. Whenever my parents traveled for business, they would return with a new tractor for me. One of my childhood friends’ family ran the local John Deere dealership and I could have stayed there for hours looking at all the tractors and equipment, amazed at how massive it was and how little my toys seemed.

It’s really fun reliving all of this with my boys. I love hearing their car and tractor sounds and seeing them plow imaginary fields in the dirt. I’ll never forget the first time Liam saw a tractor working during harvest. He’d played with his miniature tractor on his play farm for months. But when he saw the real deal- his jaw dropped and his squeals reached a pitch only dogs can hear. We stopped and watched the farmer for several minutes and his joy never diminished. There are a lot of times in my life where I find myself being satisfied with a model or imitation, not realizing just how much more incredible the real thing is. I just have to let go of the fake to embrace the real, the small for the big.

Chris and Laura


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