day 14


It really is true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Last year there was a massive project to replace all the railroad ties along the Indianapolis to Pendleton route. Piles upon piles of new railroad ties crowded each section of the tracks. Now that the project is complete, the old railroad ties are just sitting by the side of the road in a massive pile, waiting to be moved to their next location. Not to be destroyed, but to be repurposed.

I love technology and the latest and greatest tech gear, but there is something special about old stuff. I get in moods where I want everything to be minimalistic and practical, but even in those moods I still find myself holding on to some old items- antiques and knick knacks that have little monetary value. But these little treasures bring a smile to my face and remind me to enjoy each moment I have because time is flying by. Because before I know it, the current latest and greatest gadget will be a quaint, dated antique.

Chris and Laura



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