day 12


I was thinking a lot today about perspective. I wondered how many people drive by 16th and Delaware, seeing this nice window but never realizing how truly stunning it is on the inside. I wonder how many things I pass on a given day and fail to see that there’s something greater there. Not just buildings, but people as well.  I’ve passed by a lot of people with a simple “how are you?” and not taking the time to truly listen to their answer. What have I missed by being quick to move from Point A to Point B?


I meet and talk to a lot of people for my work and what I’ve found in talking to people is that everyone believes in something and puts their faith in something. In stepping across the street and seeing this crumbling foundation in another building, I was reminded that some people place their faith on things that will not last. Their lives are crumbling around them. It’s as if they are living in a house that the cornerstone and foundation are set on shaky, unstable ground. They see problems arise on the inside of the house and no matter the effort or money they spend to fix those internal surface issues, the problem is the foundation.

Chris and Laura





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