day 9


Today I tackled another state park with my boys. It was a longer drive and incredibly cold. I had planned on a mile and a half trail walk that would take us around a lake and some beautiful scenery. But when we got on the trail, the whipping wind and bitter cold was too much for us all so we walked a little ways and then headed back to the car. It was tough not to be disappointed since it was such a beautiful area, but instead of having tunnel vision and driving home as quickly as possible, I kept looking at what was around me.

It turns out that the drive home was the best part of the day. I pulled the car over several times to explore something that caught my eye. As I walked around, I kept wondering about the story behind each place. Everything and everyone has a story. One of my favorite things is to hear people’s stories, to listen to their experiences and see the world through their eyes. These places were full of history. Though long abandoned and falling apart, there was still a story there, waiting to be told.

Chris and Laura




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