day 7


It’s been a week since embarking on this adventure. I’ve taken around 6,000 photos so far. It has been amazing to hear from people that are following along on this journey from family members to coworkers and friends from all walks of life. I want you all to know I truly appreciate your kind words and encouragement.

Taking today’s photo was a big challenge. My boys are always on the go and sitting still and smiling for 15 minutes is tough (even with the promise of donuts). As I watched the boys wrestle, poke each other’s eyes, give slobbery kisses, and just giggle away, I thought a lot about relationships. These two have a bond that will last forever. Sure they will have times where they disagree and are at odds, but they will always be close friends. Not friends of convenience, only around when times are good and things are easy, but true, deep friends. Those relationships take time and effort to develop. I’ve been working a lot on relationships lately, trying to find the right time balance in who I spend time with and the courage to open up to those around me. It requires a ton of work and intentionality, but building and maintaining those relationships is absolutely worth it.

Chris and Laura


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