day 6


A break in the cold weather and an opening in my schedule made me decide to pack everyone up after naps and head to Mounds State Park. I’ve visited this park a few times before and every time it just feels eery. It’s a park that should have been featured in a Hitchcock movie. And today’s weather- occasional rain and light fog, just added to the mysterious, spooky feeling.

I left the parking lot with a busy highway on one side with modern homes and then turned the corner and found this home built in the 1800s. It just seemed out of time and out of place, like it’s never aged. Rounding another bend in the trail, I came up on the mounds. All the noise and all the clatter of modern life was gone. It was quiet and still. As I turned, the only sound was the cry of a crow in the trees.  You could tell just looking at the mounds that there was something unnatural about them.2,200 years ago a pre-historic Indian tribe built the mounds for ceremonies and burials. Even looking at how tall the trees were that surrounded the mound, it’s amazing to think that they weren’t there when the mounds were first built.

Chris and Laura




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