day 3


In starting this project, we had a discussion about the voice on the blog. Since we are married, should we write it as “we” or indicate who was writing in parenthesis (Laura)?  Then it dawned on me that since we are husband and wife, we are one and should write as “I”.

I like to show love through gifts. Roses play a big part in our story from special bouquets, dances, our engagement and wedding. Seeing them in our home brings a smile to my face as I think back on how much has happened since that first bouquet of roses I bought in 2006 to the ones I picked up today in 2017. Those initial feelings of love made me want to jump over the moon and do everything possible to bring a smile to my beloved. But when those feelings start to fade, a choice must be made.  A choice to see love not just as a feeling, but as a verb- a call to still serve and still care even when there are no feelings to back it up. It’s that moment by moment choice that makes love grow deeper, stronger and purer.

Chris and Laura


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