day 2


Traveling has always been one of my passions.  From the preparation to reaching the final destination, I enjoy every moment. With two kids in tow I began to dread the time between departure and arrival, seeing every mile grow instead of shrink. Taking on this 365 project I have mapped out hundreds of destinations from a quick drive down the street to cross country road trips. I’ve had a lot of doubts about how it can be done with two toddlers, but on today’s trip to Fort Harrison, I realized that the space between departure and arrival is full of adventure. It may be crazy, unpredictable and tough, but the greatest lessons my boys will learn on these trips will happen in that in-between time. They will learn to be flexible, patient and adapt.

Winter in Indiana can feel bleak and endless. Snow on the ground makes the world feel magical, but when the snow melts and all that remains is the cold, things seem brown and dull.  But getting out on the trail today there were still pockets of color. It might just be the sun light streaming through the empty tree branches, but even in winter there are reminders of the vibrance of what will come.

Chris and Laura


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