day 278


These sandhill cranes are only one of two species of cranes in North America. They are the oldest living birds on the planet living up to 40 years and during their migration can fly upwards of 35 mph for 300 miles a day. Something else I didn’t know: when standing in cold water for hours fishing they have control of their blood flow in their feet and legs and can restrict it so they won’t freeze. Doing a little digging with our vast knowledge accessible through modern technology allows us to marvel at the wonders of the things we see.

Chris and Laura


day 277


Color is the property of light, a physical process our eyes detect to differentiate visible objects. That definition of color doesn’t quite explain the beauty color creates. Yes, it’s a physical process in the eyes and brain but isn’t it so much more? We need to slow down from our frantic world and take in more of the beauty of color and reflect on the dynamic process for us to receive it.

Chris and Laura

day 275


We’ve had a very weird fall. The order has been scrambled. It’s seems to have jumped from summer directly to winter and now back to fall mixed in with a little rainy spring. As I’ve heard quite a few people say “it’s Indiana” and anything is possible.

Chris and Laura


day 272


I’ve always been drawn to rivers like this one- the calm water and pop of color off of the reflected fall tress. When rivers bend like this it begs the question: what’s beyond the bend? Does the river continue indefinitely or does it empty to a lake or an ocean? What or who lives along this river’s banks? These are adventurous questions to ponder when you come across this scene.

Chris and Laura

day 270


It’s amazing to witness salmon swimming upstream. Every year these fish fight the current head on to pass on everything they have to the next generation. It makes me think as we get older we should take our cues from nature and fight the currents of an easier and more luxurious life to pass along our knowledge to the next generation.

Chris and Laura