day 147


There’s something in the intricate design in nature that creates a longing in us that never seems to be satisfied. I thought about this as I walked by my favorite flowers at our house. I love the natural order of leaves on these hydrangeas. Each leaf has its own symmetry and as they grow together form a combined symmetry I find beautiful. The different gradients of green down the stalk of the plant pleases the eye. Whenever I look at these plants, or nature in general, it does give me a longing for another place that I haven’t yet found. I’m drawn in but something inside tells me it’s not complete. It reminds me that even though we live now on this blue dot we are merely passing through.

Chris and Laura

day 146


We have embarked on a major project: to repaint the inside of the whole house. We debated back and forth on doing this on our own or hiring someone to do it. We understand most arguments for hiring someone having your time more valuable than what you could pay someone to do it. But there’s also an enjoyment factor of painting we have as well as enjoyment of the process of doing something well and improving on a skill. For Laura this is the first time she’s ever painted and an experience she wanted to have. Much like me she has enjoyed it so far and learned a lot, especially from the helpful people at PPG Paints. We are painting to get our home ready for sale in the near future but the process and practice, as well as looking at the color options is getting us ready for our next home which will be long term.

Chris and Laura

day 145


Every 12 weeks we tackle one item we want to improve. This 12 weeks have been committed to routine. When we are unintentional we find ourselves with less time for the most important things in life. We end up sleeping more than we need to, feel rushed and scattered. It all leads to moods that are more negative and self centered.

One of the routines we have adopted is going outside for a breath of fresh air, stretch, and enjoy nature before we look at any screens. It wakes us up and gets our blood flowing. At the start it was difficult especially with the early wake up time. Now closing in on the end of the 12 weeks we look forward to it every day.

Chris and Laura

day 144


Laura and I have been talking a lot about design lately in our home. True, we are minimalists in our d├ęcor but what we have is more of antiques and country type pieces. It’s easy to be drawn to those pieces as we both grew up on farms. Like all of my photography I try to see the ordinary, like this chick feeder, in new light. It helps me especially when I feel bogged down in the ordinary routine of our lives.

Chris and Laura

day 143


A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s a popular saying about the power of a picture to tell a story. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the art of story telling, getting better at it and practicing it. I think our culture has gotten away from stories, even though we still connect to each other through them and crave good ones. We spend too much time binge watching the latest show on Netflix to stop and really practice the art of story telling.

This picture is certainly worth a thousand words. I haven’t asked Liam yet how the dinosaur made it way up the tree or why but I do know there will be a good and entertaining story to follow.

Chris and Laura

day 142


Bridges connect two pieces of land so travel can be made without the hindering of road blocks like water or rocks in deep ravines. To make progress one must cross the bridge first to see what lies ahead. This bridge isn’t very large but it does obscure a small but very steep and painful hill just on the other side. Someone coming up to this bridge wouldn’t know it’s there until they get across.

I’ve found there are two types of people when it comes to bridges. First, there are those who come up to bridges like this and stop, having fear of what’s beyond and they can’t bring themselves to cross for what difficulties lie ahead. They don’t make progress and while they think they are standing still are actually moving backwards. Then there are those that cross the bridge, understanding that there are difficulties ahead but seem them as challenges they can learn from, grow from, and even enjoy the scenery as they go through them. There are way too many people that never cross a bridge and miss out on what they were designed for. It makes me sad thinking about the missed opportunities they have. As for me I’m focused on crossing the bridge and what lies ahead.

Chris and Laura

day 141


Raspberries are my favorite fruit. At our current house we don’t have a to know if space for a garden but I was able to carve out just enough for a good size raspberry bush. Over the last few years we’ve seen it grow from producing a few berries a year to filling a quart a day. It never ceases to amaze me watching the berries ripen. We pick the berries before we put the boys to bed and it seems impossible that there will be more to harvest the following day. But overnight and throughout the day more ripen. It’s also taught us patience and discernment to which berries are ripe. Pick them too soon and the berries are too tart or sour. There have already been many times where we think a berry is almost ripe but it just needs another day.

Chris and Laura

day 140


Anniversaries are days to celebrate and look back at fond memories. They are days to rejoice in the covenant of marriage. And they are days to reflect on how far we have come.

Today is our 8th anniversary. When I saw this flower though it reminded me of Laura on our wedding day. The elegance and beauty. Delicate but strong. We might not go crazy with celebrating today but we will enjoy looking back on the bad and the good, but even more looking at what’s to come.

Chris and Laura

day 139


This is one of my favorite sections of road in Indiana to ride on with this beautiful tree canopy. But even literally surrounded by this great beauty I sometimes struggle to find motivation. It’s easy to just say I’ll save it for tomorrow but that’s not exercising self-discipline. It’s about doing the things you know you should do even when you don’t feel like it. It’s removing the emotions that can cloud our action and taking the next step because you know just around the corner that motivation will return. There are a lot of things all of us don’t want to do day to day but know we should. It’s ignoring the quitting mentality and taking the first step that leads to happiness, not giving into it.

Chris and Laura

day 138


We love to cook together. There’s nothing that beats the flavor of grilling. The combination of flavors from the marinated meat, fresh peppers and grilled onions is amazing.

Laura is a picky eater. Something she took pride in for most of her life. She has never eaten an onion. Everything had to be separate and not touching. Sandwiches were not existent in her palate.

She surprised me as we prepared our meal. She said she needed to try new things and try things together. What she learned was that taking risks by trying new things can open up doors to new possibilities. She also learned that sometimes the sum total is much better than the individual separate.

And Liam ate a gross amount of grilled onions.

Chris and Laura