day 234


Sometimes with my pictures I try to capture the little details I seem to see in a glance. Since Laura and I have been together 12 years ago I have always pointed out the things I noticed. Now in addition I take pictures of them to share.

Chris and Laura


day 233


We had a great but warm evening bike ride that started by riding through Fortville and ended by riding back through the opposite direction. On our return trip the sun was setting and the bricks on the side of this building seemed to turn to gold. Sometimes I have to force myself to stop what I’m doing to take it in.

Chris and Laura

day 232


We can be very creative in a beautiful way. And I think we all crave some kind of beauty in our lives. It gets us to slow down, to think outside ourselves and be grateful- even those whose focus seems to be on the mechanical and technological. We can find beauty anywhere especially in our own designs if we are open to looking for it.

Chris and Laura

day 230


This is just another flower picture on the surface but also has a lot of meaning. Maybe it means nothing and is a coincidence but when we came back from my grandmother’s funeral to her house these were in full bloom with their bright colors. September is always an odd month where the trees aren’t quite turning and the flowers are almost all past their prime. But these flowers were a welcome sight for our eyes, a reminder that there is still beauty and color all around us even when our world feels gray and dim.

Chris and Laura

day 229


My grandmother, my dad’s mom, passed away this last week. Between Laura and I it brought up a lot of discussions about the end of life that we will all face, how we would want everything to go and everything to be handled. Her service, in this church she served so faithfully and that my dad and his sisters grew up in, was beautiful. The tradition and meanings behind the traditions are simply beautiful. It’s hard to accept when someone passes, but it’s also a reminder that this life we have here on earth is not forever. It changes our perspective on our day to day hustle. It makes you stop, think, and change your attitude.

Chris and Lau

day 228


Patience can be a hard lesson to learn. Especially if you have a goal or dream and want it to happen now. But like waiting for this apple to ripen, patience with what you don’t have control over is essential to achieve the end goal. There’s always lessons to be learned when you have to trust that your goals and dreams will happen when you do everything in your power and have to wait.

Chris and Laura

day 227


Another picture from the orchard I couldn’t pass up. This boy wants to do everything his older brother and parents do. He doesn’t let his size or lack of coordination hold him back or slow him down. He saw us picking apples off the tree but couldn’t reach them himself. So he started picking them off the ground. We had to continually keep him from picking up apples off the ground. He found his own way and was upset when we told him we couldn’t take those apples. He was happy once I picked him up and let him pick his own. Even with all of our effort we can muster it might not be in our control to do something or achieve something. We might need a little help from time to time.

Chris and Laura

day 225


These late blooming purple flowers have been covered in honey bees for the last month. This late in the season there aren’t a lot of flowers blooming and these bees are desperately working to find food and store it for the winter. A reminder that there’s a time for everything under the sun.

Chris and Laura