day 171


Laura and I love front porches. The idea of simply sitting in a rocking chair as the afternoon cools to night and resting from a day’s work really calls to us. I think it’s a sense of community that has been lost in our current backyard culture. Something I know some communities and individuals are working to redevelop and for good reason. Not that we would give up any of our technological or other advancements but this is just one of a number of things we desire from the “good old days”.

Chris and Laura

day 170


I love sweets. That’s not a surprise to anyone who knows me and ice cream is certainly at the top of my list. Cherry Hut, an institution up here, gave me a pleasant surprise this year that quickly became one of my top favorites. Homemade black cherry chocolate chip ice cream. It is as good as it sounds and I thank the Parks and the Elzeys for introducing me to the restaurant as well as the people at the Cherry Hut for making this new treat!

Chris and Laura

day 169


Up at the lake beautiful, stunning sunsets are common place and the norm. They are so common that I wonder sometimes if they are lost on us because we are so used to seeing them. It’s sad how quickly we write off the extraordinary as we so quickly get used to it. We have a type of amnesia when it comes to nature showing off its beauty. And I don’t think it is directly tied to sunsets or nature. I believe we do this in every area of our lives. At least I know I do. So when I see a beautiful sunset like this I’m going to force myself to wake up and remember the blessings around me.

Chris and Laura

day 168


Ever have a day like this? Little Theo sure has. Being almost 2, having your 2 year molars come in, and hating your life jacket your parents make you wear one near water can make life hard. This picture reminds me we all have our own awful days. Hopefully they are few and far between and I always have to remind myself that good days are to follow.

Chris and Laura

day 167


Clear water and light can create some amazing images. The water working as a prism to bend and shape the light from the sun as it wills. It reminds me that the forces of nature are extremely powerful and beautiful.

Chris and Laura

day 166


I believe we all have specific times that we are moved to take action. We are stirred either by our conscience or by the work of the Spirit, somehow internally, to act in this manner right now. When we listen and act those thoughts come more rapidly, steadily, and concretely. When we string together those actions they lead to a great life we couldn’t have imagined or created on our own.

I’ve learned to love photography for many reasons. The chief of these has been being moved to stop and take a picture as I’m living out my life. I see something and it catches my eye. Some of my best and most favorite pictures have come from a seemingly random thought or sight. This picture was one of those instances. On a run we passed something that I caught out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t realize initially what it was but knew I needed to stop and return to look at it more. It was an old, very small, abandoned cottage on the lake that has been slowly eaten by the surrounding woods. What was its story? Who abandoned it and why? To me it seems like it has a sad story even though great memories were once shared at this place.

I’m even more motivated this morning to listen for the ques to take action and I hope you are too.

Chris and Laura

day 165


The lily represents purity and virtue throughout history. The original pure white lily has shown up throughout history in different religions, cultures, and societies. Now we have taken that lily and created beautiful hybrids and variations in every color imaginable. This one just bloomed and the contrast in color against the hostas below was too much to pass up.

Chris and Laura

day 164


Liam has such a personality. It’s been a joy watching him grow up. We don’t know where the time has gone as he’s suddenly turned into a little person. Anyone with kids or who has raised kids knows this phenomenon. The things he comes up with to say are hilarious and amazing. We often wonder what’s going through his little mind. I can’t wait to see how he develops and grows into the person he was created to be.

Chris and Laura

day 163


My family is a blessing. I have to pinch myself to realize that this is real. It doesn’t seem possible that we have two happy and healthy boys and that we’ve been married 8 years. They have taught me so much more than I’ll ever be able to pass along to them. My only hope is that they look back and are thankful for the ways we tried to teach, instruct, and raise them. We aren’t and haven’t been perfect and I don’t think any parent can claim to be. But we continue to do our best and have faith that everything else will be taken care of.

Chris and Laura

day 162


I love boxwoods. They are strong, flexible, and adaptable to a variety of conditions. In the spring and summer when flowers are at their height they provide an anchor to any garden. In winter they provide a pop of green to liven up a bleak world. They are truly servants in the plant world. I love finding inspiration for how we should live our lives in our surrounding world.

Chris and Laura